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This new edition of George MacDonald's 1887 novel is updated and introduced by Michael Phillips as Volume 29 in The Cullen Collection.

One of MacDonald's smaller novels in length, and neither so ambitious of scope or depth, Home Again from 1887 is loosely based on the prodigal son parable. It is the oft-told tale of an ambitious young man who thinks too highly of himself, falls under the spell of a duplicitous young woman, and must find his way “home.”

Though less complex than his lengthier novels, everything MacDonald wrote radiated light. Even in its simplicity, this story of a young poet and his return to his father and his roots contains many touching moments, with MacDonald’s wisdom woven throughout the characters and relationships.

It is not a long book, nor a particularly detailed one. Yes perhaps because of that, the radiance of the message shines through with unclouded clarity—the message that, as MacDonald himself says, "obedience is the opener of eyes."

"This story may not be complicated. Yet sometimes the profoundest truths come wrapped in the humblest garb. When first told by the Master in Luke 15, this tale was not noteworthy for its complexity but for its disarming simplicity. And thus the story of the Prodigal Son remains one of the Lord's most striking teachings. MacDonald, too, when attempting to convey the magnificence of God's Fatherhood, does so with acuity of vision and simplicity of word."
⏤Michael Phillips, from the Introduction
173 pages
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