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This new edition of George MacDonald's 1893 novel is updated and introduced by Michael Phillips as Volume 34 in The Cullen Collection.

This wonderful Scottish tale from 1893, not so expansive of theme and scope as some of MacDonald’s lengthier Scottish stories, is yet poignantly moving in its own way. The descriptions of the highlands and the lives of its people are the equal of those in Castle Warlock and What’s Mine’s Mine. After reading the story of Kirsty Barclay in Heather and Snow, who will forget her brother Steenie’s cry after “the bonny man!” Indeed, Kirsty is one of MacDonald’s most memorable women, whose lifelong friendship with neighbor Francis Gordon is the unifying thread through the story, as both mature from youth into adulthood.

This new edition streamlines the occasionally ponderous Victorian narrative style, and updates the thick Doric dialect into readable English.

"Heather and Snow has…considerably imaginative strength. The main theme concerns the spiritual growth into full personhood of...(‘Francie’) Gordon… The novel contains some of MacDonald’s most imaginatively vivid descriptions and memorable characters. That death was much on his mind is evident in the prominence given it in the story…This novel, together with his intense depiction of the afterlife in Lilith, helped him come to terms with [his daughter] Lily’s passing."
⏤Dr. Rolland Hein
229 pages
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