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This new edition of George MacDonald's 1883 classic is updated and introduced as Volume 27 in The Cullen Collection by Michael Phillips.

This magnificent sequel to Sir Gibbie, and MacDonald's longest book, is a novel with everything—a Gothic castle with hidden rooms and passageways, good guys and bad guys, mysteries and inheritances, and poignant yet bittersweet love. Little does Gibbie’s friend Donal realize what he is in for when he takes a tutoring job at mysterious Castle Graham!

Woven throughout, of course, are many signature tunes of MacDonald’s wisdom and spiritual insight, including one of C.S. Lewis’s favorite MacDonald lines, that God is “easy to please but hard to satisfy.”

Along with Malcolm, Donal Grant presents one of MacDonald's most intricate and riveting plots, led by another of his stellar characters of virtue and truth. Its massive length, however (786 pages in the original), difficult Scots dialect, and numerous digressive tangents, illustrate better than any MacDonald title the need for new contemporary editions.

This updated edition epitomizes the value and significance of The Cullen Collection in bringing the fiction of George MacDonald alive for new generations.
453 pages
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