Charles Williams Collectors Hardbacks

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Set of 7 of Charles William's best loved books in modern, beautiful hardback editions of Williams' most compelling and accessible writing — in handsome editions that are worth collecting and sharing.

The Williams Library editions are hardbound, with cloth covers and foil stamping on the covers. Inside, you'll find modern typography in the best bookmaking tradition. Printed in pure black with bright spot colors. They're sized right in the sweet spot: easy in the hand but a respectable presence on the bookshelf.

Includes 7 volumes:

  • The Place of the Lion - Platonic ideals invade an English suburb.
  • War in Heaven - The Holy Grail is found in a church. An archdeacon gives chase.
  • Many Dimensions - A time-traveling Stone of Suleimon appears, along with a villain.
  • Descent Into Hell - A haunting doppelgänger, an amateur play, and a noose.
  • All Hallows Eve - The recently dead and a painting that might be too accurate.
  • The Greater Trumps - The original deck of Tarot cards is found, and coveted.
  • Shadows of Ecstasy - A possibly immortal leader comes to England from Africa.

There are no novels anywhere quite like them.
- TS Eliot

Williams is powerful and weird in essential ways.
- poet Geoffrey Hill

About the Author

Charles Williams was a 20th-century British author who wrote novels, poetry, plays, theology, and criticism. His entire career was spent at the Oxford University Press, but he's best known today for his friendship with The Inklings, a group of Oxford writers that included J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis.


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