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Leaving Behind the Coercion of the Mind
by Blair Adams

This book goes so far beyond education that at times it seems to almost address all fundamental issues of human political, social and religious life. But perhaps it only shows how comprehensive an issue education is. In any case, it provides the best and most searching examination, in historical context, of the legal, philosophical and theological issues of public compulsion, private responsibility and the dilemma of ultimate authority. No better guidebook exists for parents facing the crisis of where to draw the line in submitting to State demands in regard to their children.

The book resembles, in many ways, a profound unit study for advanced students, skillfully bringing together in a searching survey civics, politics, history, philosophy, sociology, religion, theology, education and law, all interwoven into the compelling struggle of real people’s lives. It plants the seed of a substantive education in each of the above areas but also shows clearly how all of them are inexorably interrelated. It is an education in itself.

"Reading this wealth of material has been a true learning experience for me.  As an educator, I believe that I knew a lot about education.  This book has opened my eyes not only to my ignorance about the educational system and the incredible struggle (risking imprisonment and the loss of children) that many parents have had to endure in the effort to provide a quality academic environment, but also to the misconceptions many of us hold about the foundational philosophy that provides the rationale for compulsory public education."
- S. Kay Toombs, Ph. D., Associate Professor Emerita of Philosophy, Baylor University

321 pages

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