Blair Adams

Blair C. Adams (1944-2021) - Blair and his wife Regina started a small mission church, Voice in the Wilderness, located in New York City on the same block that, at the time, the New York Daily News described as the “worst” in the city, a virtual “pornorama of vice.” From those early struggles and inauspicious beginnings has grown Heritage Ministries and the Homestead Heritage community of Waco, Texas. The combined ministries now visited by over half a million visitors annually.

From early on in his ministry, Blair recognized that writing would be an integral part of his labors. He read and studied his entire adult life about the impact of ideas on individuals, human cultures and whole peoples. And it grieved him to see how these ideas often ended up controlling in pernicious ways the thinking, desires and actions of people who knew little or nothing about the ideas themselves. He desired to see these largely hidden cultural assumptions brought into the light, so that people could more freely make real, informed choices about the things that matter most in life. So, Mr. Adams has also written probing books and monographs (over 250 titles) on how stable, enduring communities may be formed and sustained. His books are published by Colloquium Press in Elm Mott, Texas.

Blair Adams
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