Announcing the Wise Path Readers

Announcing the Wise Path Readers

You, yes you, are invited to the Wise Path Readers team!

In an effort to make our publications better, we are forming Wise Path Readers. This team will consist of (unpaid) individuals who enjoy reading and reviewing on our books. Members of the team will receive:
  1. Free pre-publication, proof copies of our books
  2. Discounts on our published books, including signed copies
  3. Exclusive access to our authors
  4. Membership in the Wise Path Readers chat.
Members will be expected to:
  1. Give their honest and constructive feedback on the pre-publication books they receive to the author and publisher; including answering questions as to that feedback.
  2. Give their honest feedback to review sites once the book is published (for books they enjoyed reading.)
  3. Help spread the word amongst their friends and family when new books are published that they enjoy.
If that sounds like something you'd like to be a part of, please let us know by emailing and telling us a bit about yourself.

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