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The Whole Story on Ethanol Fuel
by Marc J. Rauch

In this brash and audacious debunking of the myths and manipulation that brought the world to oil addiction, alt fuel expert Marc J. Rauch brilliantly lays out how ethanol can change the planet for the better--and along the way helps us navigate the noise of petroleum advocates.The Ethanol Papers is a rough-and-tumble, no holds-barred crystallization of the ethanol vs. gasoline conflict. Written in plain jargon, non-scientists, non-academics, and politicians alike will find it compelling. Yet this is no Idiot’s Guide to Biofuels or Alt Fuels for Dummies. Rather, The Ethanol Papers is the most in-depth and complete explanation of the ethanol-oil problem now available, targeted for smart people who demand facts.

About the author:

Marc J. Rauch is the award-winning co-publisher at The Auto Channel, and an acknowledged expert on alternative fuel and energy. A multi-award winning TV/film writer, producer, and director, Rauch has been a broadcasting and marketing executive for more than 45 years. In 1987, he co-founded The Auto Channel television network and, the Internet's largest and oldest automotive information resource.

A leading advocate of alternative fuels and energy sources, Rauch lectures and regularly appears on various broadcasts. He has addressed the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum on behalf of the US Department of Agriculture, presented testimony on the use of ethanol before Congressional debriefings in Washington on two occasions, delivered the keynote for the 2016 Australian National Biofuels Conference, and was a featured speaker at the 2018 National Ethanol Conference in San Antonio, Texas.

590 pages

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