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A Guide for the Perplexed and Disillusioned
by Ron Highfield

In Rethinking Church, veteran church leader, theologian, and professor Ron Highfield tells the story of how he came to the conclusions that most institutions we call “churches” are really parachurch organizations, much of the “church work” we do focuses on making something happen on Sunday mornings, and much of the money we give goes to pay staff to keep the parachurch functions running.

Highfield writes for older believers who feel burned out and disillusioned by years of institutional maintenance. He addresses young people who have never seen the relevance of institutional churches to their lives. To all who view institutional churches as self-serving, hypocritical, money grubbing, growth obsessed, clergy dominated, and backward, Highfield offers a different vision of church life. This church is simple, small, requires no money, needs no clergy, and possesses no property. It does not run like a business, is not organized like a corporation, and does not feel like a theater. It feels like a family, meets around a table, and focuses on the Lord. Highfield invites you to join him in Rethinking Church for your life.

“The vibrancy of “church” envisioned in the Bible tends to happen in smaller settings, while traditional church is hamstrung by numerous programs and other commitments. Truth be told, for many who seek authentic and transformative fellowship, going to church is discouraging. Yet there is hope. Rethinking Church is a compelling and biblically refreshing read, penned by the clearest thinker (and most concise writer) I know.”
—Douglas Jacoby, Lincoln Christian University

“The widespread frustration with, and apparent social demise of, the institutional church is of grave concern. And if you share such frustrations, it may be important to know that there are creative and faithful and compelling options for "being church." Ron Highfield's description of "simple church" is one of those options which takes church seriously without off-putting dogmatism. Realistic and practical, while also hopeful, this is a genuinely helpful resource for those who are looking for something different before they give up on "church" altogether.”
—Lee C. Camp, host of Tokens Show (

“With thoughtfulness and discernment, Ron Highfield deconstructs our expectations of what church must be, inviting us to expand our thinking by thinking smaller. In doing so he offers us a needed moment to take a step back and catch our breath. He beckons us to sit down and sort through our heavy suitcases and consider that traveling light might be a possibility for the family of God.”
—Amy Wilson Kendall, College Minister, Boulder Colorado

107 pages

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