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Arise (music)

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Glorious Music for a Great Cause

Wise Path Books and The Works of George MacDonald are pleased to offer Arise, the inspiring music of Barbara Amell. 

Samaritan's PurseAll proceeds will go to Samaritan's Purse's fund "to meet the emergency needs of Christians who have been terrorized or driven from their homes and farms," and will help to "provide food, shelter, and other assistance to those who are being persecuted."
Arise presents nine songs celebrating the glory of God, including Who Would Have Thought, a musical setting of George MacDonald's poem of that name.

Who Would Have Thought?

Who would have thought that even an idle song
Were such a holy and celestial thing
That wickedness and envy cannot sing--
That music for no moment lives with wrong?
I know this, for a very grievous throng,
Dark thoughts, low wishes, round my bosom cling,
And, underneath, the hidden holy spring
Stagnates because of their enchantment strong.

Blow, breath of heaven, on all this poison blow!
And, heart, glow upward to this gracious breath!
Between them, vanish, mist of sin and death,
And let the life of life within me flow!
Love is the green earth, the celestial air,
And music runs like dews and rivers there!

--George MacDonald ( 1824-1905)

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