Wise Reading Guild

Monthly book club for the discerning reader. Avid readers will enjoy the many benefits as described below.

We are looking to build a club where you pay a monthly fee for the ability to purchase books at a substantial discount, as well as access to e-books and audio books through a lending system.

Two membership plans are available:


 Standard Membership ($24/year)
20% discount on most books available in the shop
Unlimited Access to curated library of free/public domain books
Access to check-out library of e-books and audio books


 Premium Membership ($48/year)
same benefits as Standard membership, plus...
Distributor discount on all books available in the shop (up to 40%)
Requests for books not in the shop
Access to "End of the World" library of e-books
Access to Telegram channel for book discussions


To join our reading guild, email club @ wisepathbooks.com (without the spaces) and we will get back to you with instructions.


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